Send me nudes and I’ll tell you what I’d do with you whores.



I really miss doing this to you

Oh my god I need this.

Like. Now.


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I don't have tumblr account. :( You have kik pls?

I don’t use kik

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I was the one who posted about the virgin thing. So, how can we get to chat? ;)

Sorry, I’ve been away. Come off anon, it’ll be easier to communicate that way.

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I would suck your dick and then make with you perfect sex.. Just tell me how you like it.. :***

How I like it is if I can tell if she is liking it. Maybe even to where she can no longer control her self.

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what do you think about teenagers having sex???

I honestly don’t know much about that. I think teenagers can very much enjoy it. But teenagers have other things to worry about, other things that need to be priorities in their lives. Sorry that my response isn’t very sexual and stuff, but that’s my honest answer.

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Does a virgin turn you off? I am one but I have a lot of sexual fantasies. You're one of those who feed me with such. I hope you can do me in every single position and way that you know. I would love that! :*

A virgin doesn’t turn me off. Message me, let’s have a chat, and maybe some real talk.

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